Transition to Civilian Life

Transition from combat back into civilian life presents monumental challenges. Often soldiers come home with devastating injuries including limb loss, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder. BotBK9 provides retreats designed to empower veterans and support their families and caregivers.

BotBK9 starts with the mental health of the Veteran. All Veterans participate in programming to foster a healthy readjustment back to civilian and family life. 


We provide positive and safe outdoor experiences and include information about food production and agriculture. Harnessing the power of agriculture, animals and open space, our retreats are educational and therapeutic.


Having a sense of purpose is key. By providing Veterans a place to explore whether that purpose is caring for chickens, canning, gardening or training a detection dog, our retreats allow for a safe space to explore. 

Caregivers retreats are designed to support these everyday superheroes. Through fellowship, personal development and plenty of relaxation time, we provide a supportive network for these individuals who are so critical to veterans.

Aiding Veterans, whether a dog is involved or not, constitutes success for Back on the Block K9.