The BotBK9 Difference / We provide retreats designed to empower veterans; support their families and caregivers; support service dog handlers and train veterans and their K9 partners.

Retreats that promote hope and healing—designed for veterans, by veterans. Fellow veterans and certified coaches facilitate mentorship programs, and BotBK9 provides safe outdoor activities for veterans and their families. 


Our retreats and training for veterans with service dogs allow the team to train together, providing hands-on K9 training experience. We aid the team in advancing their skills, tasks and explore new activities.

Veterans who want to continue to serve and protect their community are able to participate in retreats and trainings for search and rescue, explosives, narcotics, nosework and other detection dog disciplines. 

Eligibility: Veteran status and ADA qualified. Female veterans, service-related trauma survivors, and those with post-traumatic stress disorder and/or traumatic brain injury are prioritized.

A Comprehensive Approach

Nature’s healing properties + K9 senses = empowered veterans.

Transition from combat back into civilian life presents monumental challenges. Often soldiers return home with devastating injuries including loss of limbs, traumatic brain injury, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

With six boots on the ground – four of them paws – veterans can healthfully adjust to their new normal.