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Behavior Technology 104: Chain Schedules and Multiple Schedules of Reinforcement

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Prerequisites: BehavTech 101–103

What are “schedules of reinforcement” and why are they important enough that B. F. Skinner wrote an entire book about them just to demonstrate the predictability of “schedule effects?” In BehavTech 101, 102, and 103, students learned to build precise behavior, put the behavior under stimulus control, strengthen that precise behavior, and continue to increase the speed and accuracy of that behavior. NOW we are finally ready to get started!! In Behavior Technology 104, students put several behaviors together into behavior sequences for a performance. And in this course, students design their own behavioral performances.

BehavTech 104 is an opportunity for students to experiment and find new ways to put together all they have learned so far about learning processes and application. Students are free to train any behavior they would like and also to insert these behaviors into the basic structure in any way they would like. It is up to students to explore how to have fun, be creative, and challenge themselves, all at the same time. Students may start with big visions of what they can teach, but the realities of training may necessitate finding ways to modify the original plans (perhaps several times) to make it all work in time for the final performance. Yet somehow, this is the BehavTech course in which the most laughter is likely to be heard!

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