Join Us In Training and Coaching The Heroes At Both Ends of the Leash.

Help Build a BotB K9 Team

Your donation enables us to raise and train puppies, equip Veterans and serve alumni.

Sponsor a K9 Team

Provide funding for a retreat weekend for a K9 Team. This includes three day retreat weekend for a Veteran and their K9 Partner.


Sponsor a Veteran

A three day weekend retreat costs $1,000 per Veteran. We create experiences including cohorts of six to ten Veterans.  


Sponsor a Caregiver

A sponsorship of $1,000 provides a caregiver with a retreat weekend. These therapeutic retreats are crucial to the ongoing support of our veterans.

"The capability dogs bring to the fight cannot be replicated by man or machine. By all measures of performance, their yield outperforms any asset we have in our inventory."

General David Petraeus

Retired US Army General; Former CIA Director

Coaching the Human End of the Leash

According to the US Department of State, approximately 500,000 dogs are currently in service to Americans: people with disabilities, deployed military, recuperating veterans, law enforcement, human remains detection, search and rescue, and medical and mental health companions. We truly depend on them for our lives, health, and safety. 


Of the approximately 10,000 dogs trained to keep us safe, 20% retire every year, leaving us with an ever-increasing deficit of vital working K9s who need qualified trainers.

It is our great honor at K9Sensus to provide the highest caliber education for working dog trainers, so that they may give their working dog companions the safest, most compassionate, skills-appropriate experiences in the field. We relentlessly purse elite opportunities for realistic scenarios, resulting in teams fluent and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Join us in coaching the human end of the leash!