Harnessing Heightened Perceptions

The structure of our program allows us to work closely with Veterans so we can achieve the desired outcomes best for both ends of the leash. We work together expand task specific behavior, learn new skills and explore new activities.


For Service Dog Handlers: Service dogs are a $50,000 piece of customized medical equipment. We focus on providing veterans with support in the proper physical and mental care of their  service dog and help veterans who wish to obtain a service dog better understand the commitment.  

For Veterans who want to serve and protect: We provide retreats and trainings designed for search and rescue, nosework, narcotics, explosives and other detection dogs. There many valuable ways to continue service. 

    About the Dogs 

Our typical K9 is a Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd or possibly another breed with appropriate temperament.  We do accept donations from other working dog programs .